Polished Fire Feather Earring

Polished Fire Feather Earring

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Working as an independent artist in San Diego, CA since 2004, David Leight has created LeightWorks Crystal Jewelry. 

Using his original techniques, each piece of fine optic glass and natural crystal is hand cut and layered inside with precious metals to produce the iridescent glow of color from within. Different blends of precious metals product different colors. The pieces are frost or polish finished, then completed by handcrafting sterling silver and/or gold designs around.

A beautiful addition to any pendant or great on their own. These long, dangling sterling silver earrings complement any outfit. You can wear these as a bold statement with short hairstyles, an updo, as well as to compliment longer, flowing hairstyles. Comes with sterling silver Lever-backs. Dimensions: 2"H x .375"W

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